About us

Created by a lovely Parisian, Lydia Bahia, a girl who always fascinated by the art of creating styles and looks, LaSeine&Moi offers a new alternative to all the lovers of fashion: the amazing fake fur, one that is elegant, comfortable and as hot as the real one. It is also 100% made in the capital, Paris.  
Lydia Bahia has always wanted to create a collection with a value that she always put on a pedestal, environmental respect. She controls all the production which all of her pieces is made in her Parisian atelier.

 Lydia Bahia, Founder of La Seine & Moi

A designer full of passion
It all began since she was young, and the idea of trends and designing clothes came into her mind, so she examines and observes. Then it was when she was studying her major in journalism that she triggers to test her creative side by dressing up her comedian sister. Yet, her New York trips were the one ending up inspires her the most. All she wanted was to provide warmth under those rainy, hazy and tingling snowy days with softness and style. On the way back to Paris, she started to look for the best manufacturer while picturing a collection that could reflects her feminity, which is posh and fashionable at the same time.

Lydia Bahia has reinvented all the romanticism and elegance of Paris, to have it elaborate into her collection. A true Parisian at heart, she called her brand: LaSeine&Moi. With originality and strong characteristic, Lydia endeavors unique quality pieces.
Her numerous travel under the cold winter days to London and New York, has given her a strong desire to wear light jackets where she could feel warm, like a cocoon one never want to take off.
With LaSeine&moi, the fake fur has never been so real !