La Seine & Moi

La Seine & Moi is the first French luxury brand of fake fur created in Paris, by Lydia Bahia.

Passionate about vintage, She launched in 2015 her Vegan fur collection, La Seine&moi, a tribute to Paris and its style.

La Seine & Moi was created to fill a gap. We can no longer ignore reality.  We must respect what surrounds us. Especially since there are many alternatives to real fur today. I wanted to imagine more ethical coats that respect the animal cause. Our Commitment is to offer a sustainable product that is environmentally friendly. Fashion must make sense today while having fun.

La Seine&moi is distinguished by a retro-pop style with fun colors, with high quality, made in Paris.

French Savoir Faire

All our collections are designed in Paris. I am very attached to this. Made in France that keeps our rare workshops alive. This proximity to our manufactures allows us to control the entire production chain and eliminate any intermediaries. All our pieces are handmade, cut one by one, in our Parisian workshop. The realization of a single coat requires several hours of work and needs 5 people (designer, pattern maker, cutter, assembler, finisher). Several prototypes and fittings are necessary to give a perfect fall.

Our fake fur is made of acrylic and modacrylic, which is a luxurious fibre. I also select my materials according to their softness, lightness and thermal quality. 

Behind each of our products lies this human chain, with a heritage of French Savoir Faire. We are preserving that.

Compassion is Fashion

La Seine & Moi won the Vegan Fashion Prize in the Best Faux Fur category awarded by the PETA association alongside other prestigious brands such as The Kooples or Stella McCartney.

No finished product or ingredient that makes up our fake fur has been tested on animals. 

We are living in a historical era for fashion.

Consume Less Consume Better

To limit our impact on the planet, I have chosen to focus on quality rather than quantity. We produce no more, no less, in order to avoid over-consumption and destocking. 

I am proud to offer my customers products of impeccable quality and at an affordable price. That's the reason why our products are never on sales. Propose modern pieces that will accompany them for many winters.

Consume Less Consume Better